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Here is the many videos I have created or worked on! More videos and examples of my video work can be seen on my YouTube channel, with a link being below.

They Disney Collector

See, hear, and have your hearts be touched by Virginia as she tells incredible stories and displays her Disney collection in... The Disney Collector!
This documentary was my capstone project for my Video Production program. As the director, producer, and editor, I helped create this film with my fellow classmates and special help from RetroWDW to help create this heartwarming documentary!

You've Got Talent, Kid!

Created during my first semester at college, this short film shows what determination and working hard can do to a talented young boy looking to make his career in plays and movies.

I was the main producer and director for this film, set up everything and chose the locations. The actors are played by my family, with the young buy being Ryan Henzi.

WET Program Advert

On this project I worked on, I was the editor for the video. I received all sorts of clips and compiled them together to make a informative advert with interviews for the WET Program at DMACC. The video was shown to many water plants in the Des Moines Metro area to get more workers to participate in the program. I created the cool graphics and other various things as well. The film was approved by the Program chairman and was sent out.

Soundtrack for Great Train Robbery

This was a final project for my Film & Audio class for college.

I found audio online via and music through a music site to help create a soundtrack for The Great Train Robbery! I even recorded dialogue/voice-over's in my own voice and created some foley sounds like the door and whoosh of the gun and the dragging of the gun on the floor.

This was a really fun project to make, enjoy!

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