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Hello there and welcome to my website! I am Connor Henzi and I am a photographer and videographer in the Midwest, specifically Iowa. I am a recent graduate at the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) for the Photography Associates Degree and the Video Production Diploma as of Spring 2023. I have been taking and studying photography and film since 9th grade, and have been getting better ever since. I've been using Canon products, but have worked with 35mm film within a dark room, even pinhole cameras. Some of my favorite photography is travel, product, street, nature, and lots more. I'm into mostly everything in fact, and always willing to try new types of photography.

Some interesting things about me:

I absolutely LOVE amusement parks and theme parks! They are not only great to photograph but also to enjoy the day being a thrill seeker. Disney World is like my second home to me, as you can see within my photography. Movies are another hobby of mine, my favorite movie would have to be The French Dispatch at the moment. I like to collect vintage items like vinyl records, Disney memorabilia, and other retro items. Most of my hobbies are seen within my photography, since photography is a hobby of mine also, along with videography! I hope you enjoy my collection of images!

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